New Doctor Who Trailer

Doctor Who & Amy Ponds

Image by doyoubleedlikeme via Flickr

Fans of the latest Doctor Who series will be pleased to know that a new trailer is out for the next 6 episodes, which will be concluding the current season, with Matt Smith as the Doctor and Karen Gillan  reprising her role as the lovely Amy Pond. The trailer below shows bits and pieces of the upcoming 6 episodes, continuing from the last episode which aired, which ended with River Song (Alex Kingston) finally revealing who she was – a twist which I, personally, loved. Check out the trailer:

So, what do you think? Although I have enjoyed the current season, with Smith portraying the Doctor, it does seem to be missing the spark that the previous series’ had – in particular, the strong and interesting storylines. However, I felt this began to pick up towards the ending of the first half, and from this trailer, it would seem the programme is finally returning back to basics, with the episode on Hitler looking particularly interesting (titled ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’). It would seem that, hopefully, this second half of the series will out-do the first half.

The conclusion of the 6th series of Doctor Who comes back to our TV screens on the 27th August, the same time as it does in the US I’m assuming, to keep any Who nerds over the pond happy, too.

By Manpreet Singh

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