Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.11 You Are (not) Alone and Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.22 You Cannot Advance: Review

Well thanks for taking the time to pay interest in this post and as you can see, this area of the site is new and so as you guessed, I am a new writer; so maybe a little rusty straight off the bat, but I look forward to writing many more Anime reviews in the future. Well, I’m going to be writing about Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.11 you are (not) alone, and Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.22 you cannot advance. As most of you hardcore anime fans know, Neon Genesis was one of the first Anime’s to westernise the anime franchise with the original series being brought out by the studio Gainax in 1995. Well, Neon Genesis Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22 are reimagining theatrical versions of the anime made into feature length films that in my opinion, are something astonishing. As you know, when you usually hear an anime is being remade or remade into a series of films, you hear it in dread, believing it should just be left alone in its original glory. But this time that is not the case; they have really given this series the glory it deserves.

Well enough of an intro, let’s actually review the films. Evangelion Neon Genesis 1.11 is an apocalyptic mecha story, for those of you who don’t not know what mecha means it’s a term basically meaning giant battle robot; sounds cheesy yes, I know. Within the story, Earth has been affected to the point of most life being destroyed and leaving the environment in such a state that most life cannot be sustained, as well as two thirds of human life having been destroyed. This was due to a race, code named ‘Angels’. The first ‘Angel ‘ was a biological life form, gigantic in form that was to put in simple terms, a giant bomb destroying most life and poisoning the environment to the point life struggles to go on. This is not the end though. These ‘Angels’ will not give in, and keep coming back, attacking the Earth in different ways, all with only one aim that you can see, which is to wipe out life. The ‘Angels’ all share one thing in common – they tend to be gigantic in form and can generate something called an AT field, which conventional weapons cannot penetrate. Later, ‘Angels in the original anime take different forms, such as viruses and even humans, but the films have not really explored this yet. Due to this alien threat of the ‘Angels’, an organization called Nerv have developed a weapon, half biological, half mechanical. Created from studying the remains of the first ‘angel’, these weapons are mechas called Eva’s.

The main character in this series is a boy called Shinji Ikari, who is the son of the leader of Nerv. Let’s basically say Shinji has father issues that play on his mental health, leading to a lot of psychological breakdowns and other stresses that I will explain in a bit. Shinji is chosen to pilot one of the Eva’s that has been created. The Eva connects to him when piloting through the nervous system, meaning Shinji can freely move the Eva like his own body, but with the downside of being able to feel all the pain inflicted on the Eva. These weapons are used to fight the ‘Angels’, due to them being the only weapon that can break an AT field. Now, you have probably been wondering what the ‘Angels’ are through reading this review but the thing is no one really knows what they are, except they usually enter Earth by travelling through space. Many theories have been written, but none of them are definite. Some people hate this plot device, but personally I love it, as it brings a new fear to these ‘Angels’, not knowing where they are from, what they are and what there ultimate aim is. In this film as well, a lot of religious quotes are mentioned, sparking off philosophical discussions between main characters.

Within the films there are more Eva’s pilots with all one thing in common – they are all children aged 14-16 years of age. Due to this, because they are pushed into battle at such a young age, the things they see and experience affect their mental health. This leads to many psychological break downs, which can cause the Eva’s to go berserk due to being connected to the child’s nervous system as well leading to new strengths, harming the pilot or even harming allies giving a whole new outlook on the story. The two films have a very deep plot, with many twists and more to come in the later films if it follows the same story as the original, which it has already changed a fair bit. The films are also very action-based, leaving me and friends with shivers after some of the fight scenes, with the powerful explosions and dramatic conflicts. The animation of the films are just beautiful really, showing what gifted modern animators can do. The two films so far have won multiple awards as well as being some of the most talked about anime films over the net. Personally, I think these two films are well worth a buy that will lead you to watching them many times over and looking forward to the next film. The only negative I can really express about it is that it can kind of throw you straight in to the story line, expecting you to have watched the original anime. But this is only in some parts and can easily be resolved with a quick look on Wikipedia.  I hope you have enjoyed this review and look forward to writing more in the future.

By Richard Broadhead, a new addition to the iHartMovies team, sharing his opinions on a wide variety of Anime.

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