Beaver Falls – Just Another Typical Teen Comedy?

New to E4, is the latest comedy programme with all the hype about it – Beaver Falls focuses mainly around three university friends, Flynn (Sam Robertson), A-Rab (Arsher Ali) & Barry (John Dagleish) who, after having graduated, decide to go for one more crazy Summer, partying away. However, they manage to do this through enrolling for jobs at an American Summer camp, Beaver Falls. Once they arrive, they realise it wasn’t exactly what they were expecting; there were plenty of hot girls, but their requirement of having to be responsible adults gets in their way of just wanting to have fun.

As soon as I started watching, it seemed like a typical comedy. Stuff that had already been done, like in The Inbetweeners; and to an extent, is does involve this a fair bit, typical teenager-style comedy, which we’ve witnessed so many times that it unfortunately becomes predictable and old. Even so, this programmes still manages to have its funny moments.

One thing I particularly liked, which I wasn’t expecting, is that there is actually a background story to each of the characters; and these storylines actually seem interesting – so much so, that I would want to watch on to find out more about them. Although it mostly isn’t the ‘laugh out loud’ comedy I was expecting, I still find it entertaining to watch from a comical aspect, and the added storylines for each of the characters only makes it more enjoyable.

I also enjoyed how each character appears to have their own uniqueness to them. Sure, they all share the same characteristics, in that their aim is to party, get girls, and well, basically do everything they were told they’re not allowed to do at this camp; but look past this, and you see there is more to each character than meets the eye. Right from the first episode, all three of the main characters each meet a different girl, and each manage to build an interesting relationship with each, though not necessarily a positive relationship. And I think it will be interesting to see how these relationships progress throughout each episode.

The main aspect which caught me off guard was that, contrary to what I was expecting, there is definitely an emotional aspect to the programme, particularly, with each of the characters. They all seem to be carrying some problems on their shoulders from back home in England, and it seems these problems are still affecting them. However, despite a failed attempt at first, they seem determined to actually care for the children at the camp, and it would seem they will try to deal with these problems throughout the rest of the series.

Although it wasn’t as funny as I was expecting, nor was it the type of comedy I was really expecting, Beaver Falls looks promising. With a good combination of emotion, humour that isn’t necessarily laugh-out-loud, though can be at times, and storylines which actually seem quite interesting for a programme about partying and getting girls, I think this is one which seems like it could end well, and is worth watching. I felt myself feeling convinced by the of the programme that I will enjoy the next episode.

Beaver Falls is on every Wednesday at 9pm on E4. Give it a watch and see what you think.

By Manpreet Singh

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