New: Two and a Half Men Season Nine Image

A new teaser image for the upcoming ninth season of American hit comedy, Two and a Half Men has been released. Below, shows the two remaining cast members of the original classic trio, Alan Harper (Jon Cryer) & Jake Harper (Angus T. Jones). However, in the middle, replacing the hilarious, yet crazy Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen) is comedy man, Ashton Kutcher, who will be playing Raymond; a friend of Charlie’s. A fairly big spoiler ahead – Charlie Sheen will be getting killed off, although it’s unsure as to how this will happen, although it may possibly be a car crash. Kutcher apparently buys Charlie’s lovely beach house. Check out this image:

Although it’s supposed to be Jake in the middle, I suppose it’s fair enough having Kutcher in the middle, seeing as he’s the new character. However, I don’t know what to think. It just doesn’t seem right. Of course, Kutcher has a very different style of comedy to Sheen, so I’m assuming a fair bit of the comedy in the sitcom will take a different turn. Whether this will be positively or not, I’m not sure. Although I don’t mind Kutcher as a comedian, I’m not sure whether he’ll be good for the show. He never really stood out as a hugely funny person to me, particularly in comparison to other funny men, including Charlie Sheen, who I think is hilarious, idiotic life-decisions aside (his problem, not mine). I just don’t think Kutcher will live up to the same comical standard as Sheen.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out. The 9th season of Two and a Half Men begins on the 19th September in the US.

By Manpreet Singh


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