The Dark Knight Rises: Is The Batwing Back?

We seem to be getting updates on Batman almost everyday now, and having just come back from my holiday yesterday, I have returned, as I guessed I would, to more big updates, including an image of the Nolan-esque Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) on set. However, as sexy as a woman in a leather cat outfit is, I’m pretty sure there has been a lot more uproar on the leak of some new videos and images showing another vehicle from Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Bat-finale, The Dark Knight Rises.

The most recent business online is that this peculiar vehicle may in fact be the Caped Crusader’s method of air transport – The Batwing. For those of you who remember Batman Forever, the Batwing was briefly used in the movie, before being taken down by Two-Face and The Riddler. However, although it had a pretty cool looking Batwing and was a better movie than Batman & Robin, Batman Forever isn’t even a tiny drop of water trailing down the side of the full glass of water that is Batman Begins and The Dark Knight; and other than Forever and the Batwing from Batman (1989), there aren’t really any huge versions of the Batwing to compare against, other than that portrayed in the comics. So perhaps The Dark Knight Rises will be the one to truly show off the amazing technology that Batman really packs…not that it needs to be any more amazing (I mean, a Batmobile…with a built-in motorbike?!) Check out a video of what may be the Batwing, being transported to the Wabash Tunnel in Pittsburgh:

I would say this is exciting stuff, but it would appear that this movie slowly seems to be getting ruined by the day, and with the possibility of some big spoilers having already been revealed, I really hope nothing else too major spills itself on to the internet before this release. However, I’m sure there are still plenty of big secrets under wraps which will remain there, and not to mention, it is The Dark Knight Rises, so how can you not be excited?!

The Dark Knight Rises is expected to hit cinema screens on the 20th July, 2012, so book a day off.

By Manpreet Singh


The Dark Knight Rises: Teaser Poster Unveiled

Finally, an official teaser poster for the hugely anticipated The Dark Knight Rises, hits the internet. The image, below, shows a mass of skyscrapers, which appear to be crumbling, of course, producing an outline of Batman’s Bat logo. The skyscrapers most likely, must be from the home city of Batman/Bruce Wayne, Gotham City. The fact that the skyscrapers are crumbling to pieces could indicate many things. Perhaps it’s showing the destruction and chaos happening in Gotham city, and in the middle, is Batman, who will finally restore peace to the corrupt city. Or maybe the skyscrapers are being built up again, as opposed to being broken down, symbolising the rising of The Dark Knight. Or maybe it’s just an awesome image that’s supposed to get us excited for the movie, which it has done.

A short teaser trailer is rumoured to be appearing before the showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which is supposed to last around 1 minute and 33 seconds. Whether it is supposed to show any of the characters or not, no one knows. However, if the rumours are true, all I know is that you’ll want to make sure that you get to your showing of Deathly Hallows Part 2 well in advance so that you can catch the trailers. Although characters may not be shown in the trailer, the only official image to be released of a character from the upcoming movie, is of Bane (Tom Hardy), check it out if you haven’t already:

Here is the poster from a slightly different angle:

The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Christopher Nolan, who, coincidentally (or not), used skyscrapers in a damaged environment for his teaser poster of huge blockbuster, Inception, is set to hit cinema screens on the 20th July, 2012.

By Manpreet Singh

The Dark Knight Rises Update: Bane Image Leaked

The upcoming sure-to-be-smash-hit of 2011, The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Christopher Nolan, is currently in the process of filming. But for those of us such as myself, who cannot wait for this movie, a little present is in store, to keep the anticipation and excitement flowing.

An image of the character, Bane (Tom Hardy, Inception) has been leaked online. Bane also featured in one of the previous pre-Nolan Batman flicks, Batman & Robin, which we all know was an utter failure. Many believe that The Dark Knight Rises will fail to live up to expectations in comparison to its outstanding predecessor, The Dark Knight, but I simply beg to differ; Nolan, is an amazing director and producer, and I know he has big things in store for us – and this little image is merely a miniscule crumb of the delicious pie that is to come…

The Dark Knight Rises hits cinemas on 20th July, 2012.

By Manpreet Singh

1989: Batman

Michael Keaton as Batman Batman (Michael Keaton)

Image via Wikipedia

In the year 1989, the very first Batman movie was released. Directed by Tim Burton, this memorable portrayal of Bruce Wayne/Batman by Michael Keaton shows the Dark Knight’s battle against the corruption of Gotham City, and the clown prince of crime himself, The Joker (Jack Nicholson). Jack Napier, a small-time crook, falls into a vat of chemical acid, and ultimately end up becoming the feared Joker.

Later on in the movie, Batman soon finds out that the man who killed his parents was indeed the Joker, before he became the Joker – Jack Napier. In the end, the Joker attempts to flee the Batman, but the Joker falls to his death from the top of a building, becoming loose from Batman’s grapple which he shot at the Joker to stop his escape.

This movie is the first proper cinematic adaptation of the Batman, apart from the 1960’s movie featuring Adam West. It’s a great portrayal of the comics, and although comical in many ways, such as the portrayal of the Joker seeming to be quite a humourous one, the general feel of the movie still feels quite dark, in the portrayal of Batman, and generally throughout the movie. I think this is definitely a good thing, as Batman was always meant to be a dark and secretive character, unlike the portrayals in the follow of movies, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin.

I also think the Batman costume and Batmobile were definitely one of the better ones out of the movies, with their cool, sleek, and dark style, representing the character of Batman well. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the Joker was also a great one, mimicking that of the comics to a great degree. Both characters appeared to be portrayed very suitably, helping with the general atmosphere of the movie, making it as successful as it was. The action scenes in the movie were also great, as were the dialogue scenes, unlike those seen in the later Batman movies (particularly Batman & Robin), which were just awful.

Overall, this movie is an iconic one, highlighting the official cinematic birth of Batman onto the big screens, and it does it in a very cool and fashionable way, with the great performances, particularly from Jack Nicholson, being one of the main selling points of the movie, along with the combination of other great aspects.

By Manpreet Singh

And Finally, What We’ve All Been Waiting For…Number One.

Inception, one of the biggest films of 2010, and considered the best of 2010 by many, including us here at iHartMovies. And I’m pretty sure a fair few of you knew which movie would be number one because admit it, it definitely deserves the number one spot. Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) once again displays his amazing talent as a director, bringing to life the concept of Inception, which involves the implantation of ideas into a desired individual’s mind, through their dreams, with the help of a nifty-looking briefcase-bound device.

Leonardo DiCaprio once again pushes his brilliant acting abilities to the limit, playing Dom Cobb, a highly skilled thief when it comes to invading people’s dreams to steal ideas from their sub-conscious. However, this art has made him a fugitive in this dangerous new form of espionage, and so has cost him his life he once lived, and everyone he ever loved. However, Cobb has been thrown one last life-line. An offer is made for him to be returned to his family and his old life, but one final mission must be accomplished, which at first, was considered an impossible one…Inception. Instead of stealing ideas, Cobb is assigned to delve into the dream of an individual and instead, plant an idea, and the story continues from here, only getting better and more amazing.

Right from the beginning, the whole script and acting is brilliant. The addition of Joseph Gordon-Levitt (500 Days of Summer, 3rd Rock From The Sun), who plays Arthur, was a very well-played and convincing character, and who I thought to be, one of the best performances in the movie, along with DiCaprio; and you can clearly see how well his acting abilities have developed over the years, compared to when he was in ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’ all those years ago.

Ellen Page (Juno) also displays an impressive performance as Ariadne, a college graduate, whom Cobb approached for help in creating the structure and designs of the dream worlds. Although incredibly dangerous, Ariadne’s curiosity and high level of intelligence soon causes her to become a permanent member of the team. I found the way in which they went about recruiting Ariadne interesting, as at the same time, it explains the concept of entering dreams, how one would go about it, and a range of other interesting and important bits of information which relate to the movie as a whole. There are also a range of other impressive performances from actors, including Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, and Dileep Rao, all of whom play important and interesting roles.

As the movie continues, the storyline deepens, with interesting sub-plots which soon merge into one, main, brilliant storyline. Every bit of the movie is just simply brilliant, relevant and thoroughly interesting. In fact, at one point when watching this at the cinema, I was so drawn into the film that my friend thought I was asleep and smacked my leg, telling me to wake up…ironic.

The great storyline works in a weird and wonderful way, starting off quite confusing, but making complete sense at the end of the movie, that is, if you have paid attention throughout the movie, which I found to be vital. Some people have interpreted this movie as confusing and weird, with all of the ‘levels’ of dreams, and the other dream-related concepts being a mess (without mentioning them, as I don’t want to give too many details of such an amazing movie away). All I can say to this is, if you listen and pay attention throughout the movie, you shouldn’t have any problems. Although being clever does help…but seriously, this film is quite ‘outside the box’, and as a result, does require a lot of thinking outside the box, and accepting the concept of Inception.

One thing you can’t say about many movies, is that the musical score was amazing. However, in this movie, the musical score was amazing. Excluding obvious films, such as Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, and The Dark Knight, I never thought the musical score of a movie would be of any significance. But for Inception, even from the trailer alone, I loved the musical score. It’s the best way to describe it. And this is thanks to composer, Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight, Batman Begins), who brought much of the movie to life, with the incredible musical score throughout the whole movie, particularly with the BRMM! all know what I’m on about.

To sum up, this movie is brilliant, and definitely the movie highlight of 2010 in my opinion. It is such a simple and original idea, invading dreams, turned into a brilliant and complexly made concept, lasting just over 140 minutes, and to be honest, I really wouldn’t have minded if it lasted longer..although if it were a dream I’m sure it would seem much shorter than that…

From beginning to end, it is just great, and is one of those rare movies which makes you re-evaluate your thoughts on what you think and know – in this case, on the concept of reality. And for all of these reasons, and probably many more, we at iHartMovies, have decided to place Inception as our Number One in the Top Ten of 2010.


By Manpreet Singh

Thank you to those of you who have taken interest in this iHartMovies exclusive, and have read both mine and Daniel Hart’s posts, and we hope you have enjoyed them. Be sure to stay with us for the usual movie news and reviews, and more upcoming exclusives.

The Dark Knight Rises: Anne Hathaway to play Catwoman

Anne Hathaway at the 81st Academy Awards

Image via Wikipedia

The latest news on the upcoming Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises –Anne Hathaway has been confirmed for the role of Catwoman. Warner Bros. have just recently announced this news, for the film which should begin shooting in May.

Hathaway, who will be playing Catwoman, alter ego, Selina Kyle, beat numerous other actresses to the role, including the likes of Jessica Biel and Keira Knightley, and director, Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception) says he is ‘thrilled’ to be working with Hathaway, agreeing that she will be a great addition to the cast. Also being confirmed as part of the cast, is Tom Hardy (Inception), who will be playing the abnormally muscular villain, Bane.

Of course, Christian Bale and Sir Michael Caine will be returning as The Dark Knight and Alfred; and to say the least, this sounds like a very interesting cast, with Hardy’s performance in Inception as Eames being quite impressive, and although I haven’t seen a great deal Hathaway films, she is a well renowned actress, displaying good performances from what I have seen of her, and seems very suitable for portraying the character of Catwoman.

The Dark Knight Rises will be hitting the big screens on 20th July, 2012, so put it in your diary..once you purchase a 2012 diary that is.

By Manpreet Singh

Inception Revisited: Setting The Bench-Mark

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Body of Lies film pre...

Image via Wikipedia

Rarely do I give a film a film of the year title so early but I’m seriously considering giving this one a Hall Of Fame already. Inception could of being a horror film, a sloppy 3D film or one of them films where there’s action no dialogue for 90% of it. But Christopher Nolan decided to keep it a Sci-fi/thriller which suits the mood of the film perfectly.
Let me give you a little history to this film, Chris here wrote the story  for Inception 10 years ago and originally pitched it to Warner Bros. But what makes this guy a good director and productive is he could of make this film 9 years, but decided to gain experience in other large scale films before he made this one. You get Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and what brilliant films they turned out to be. The concept of inception is so simple, yet the film makes it seem like a mind-blowing concept. The plot production must of been a head-scratcher not only because the film had to define 4 levels of dreams, but to also convert it into different perceptions of time. The deeper you delve into levels of dreams the faster time goes, here’s a swift example, 10 seconds in level 1 would be 10 minutes in level 2, an hour in level 3 and 10 years in level 4. That’s not the exact science of it but you get the drift. And the fact that you understand this concept in the film makes you think doesn’t it. They could of properly messed up the complexities and explained it wrong but they didn’t.

The film also manages to give empathy to the audience, its quite emotionally driven. The main character Dominic Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) has a deceased wife who haunts him in his dreams, and the reason she is dead is because he used the idea of inception on her. There is actually a certain scene in the film that explains how his wife killed herself and it actually makes you feel upset and for a film that is mostly based on science fiction terms I was pretty surprised that it hit me hard. The main plot of the film is that Dominic has to build a dream world to plant an idea in someone’s head for Mr. Saito and in return he gets to go back home. The reason he can’t go home is because the police believe he killed his wife but luckily Mr. Saito has contacts and enough money to call off the police. By planting a dream in Robert Michael Fischer Jr to making him think that he doesn’t need to take over his dying fathers business (which is affecting the stocks and shares in Mr. Saito’s) but to make his own business seems a large task for Dom. Sounds complicated I know but the film explains it good enough. The main plot driving the story forward is that Dominic Cobb wants to see his children back at home again and also getting rid of his wife from his dreams.

The acting in this film is really good, DiCaprio is having a good year to be honest, his Performance in Shutter Island was frame perfect and now Inception, I think he’s set for a male actor award soon. Other performances that stood out is the architect of the film, and when I say Architect I mean the person who creates the dream world by pure imagination. This person is Ariadne, a graduate student played by Ellen Page. She stands out in the film just as much as Leonardo and I think these two stole the lime light, in my opinion of course.

What I enjoy most about this film is it sets the bench mark of How to make a good film. And Christopher Nolan is giving a perfect example to young upcoming producers and directors out there of how to take your time and be patient. Not only has Chris made the best batman film to be made in the Dark Knight but out of his time from making bat man films he managed to make one of the best films of the year with Inception. He could of easily made this a dramatic horror action film and not given it much thought, but then it wouldn’t of been successful.

I don’t want to give this film 5 stars out of 5 but I am really tempted to. I can’t think much wrong with it. Even the musical score is perfect.
I’ve actually just sat here for 5 minutes and tried to think of a negative to bring it down.

But I give up.