New Image Of Bane On-Set from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

A new image of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ villain, Bane has hit the net! The big man, who isn’t too keen on Batman, is being played by Tom Hardy (Inception, Bronson), and new images of him on-set and in his costume in Pittsburgh have been released. Check out the one I thought to be the best glimpse, below:

So, what do you reckon? Intimidating or what? You wouldn’t wanna cross this guy in a dark alley. Tom Hardy, who became especially popular after his portrayal of the character Eames in Christopher Nolan’s 2010 hit Inception, has reportedly gained 30lbs in weight in order to play the venom-filled beast who is apparently set to deal big damage to the Dark Knight in the upcoming third and final Batman installment from Christopher Nolan (who just turned 41 yesterday, if you didn’t know). Shooting is currently taking place in Pittsburgh, with numerous images and videos being caught, including this video of a few Tumblers getting ready for action:

Looks awesome, don’t you think? There appears to be three Tumblers, each with a slight difference to them. Has Bane managed to get his hands on them? Or is Batman just calling on ol’ pal Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) to get behind the wheel again? Or is there a totally different explanation?

Numerous others have been seen on set, too, including Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Blake and Marion Cotillard as Wayne Enterprise Board Member and possible love interest to Bruce Wayne, Miranda Tate. Much more will be heading our way soon, so keep an eye out for constant updates.

The Dark Knight Rises is set to hit cinema screens on 20th July, 2012…less than a year away!

By Manpreet Singh


The Official The Dark Knight Rises Trailer – Watch Now

A few days ago we supplied our fans with a fuzzy, bad quality teaser trailer that was leaked all over the net after the high quality trailer was banned all across the net. Finally, the trailer has been officially released for all of us Batman fans and so we’ve decided to show you the trailer in top quality.

The trailer begins, with the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures logos, before footage of Batman in Batman Begins is displayed, with a voice-over from the main villain in Begins, Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson), mentioning ‘what Bruce must become’. The trailer continues, showing a caption, “Every Hero Has A Journey”, and then, “Every Journey Has An End”.

The trailer then sees Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman), who appears to be laying in a hospital bed, seeming a bit run down, with him talking to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), stating they are, “in this together”. Gordon then begs for Batman to return, before the trailer moves forward to a scene of Bane (Tom Hardy), before the camera scales a large building, moving up to the sky, showing the image we all know, the Bat logo. (see image, top right)

Well, here is the trailer for all of you to see:

The Dark Knight Rises is set to hit cinema screens in the UK and US on the 20th July, 2o12.

By Daniel Hart & Manpreet Singh

The Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer Leaked Online (UPDATED)

The teaser trailer for the upcoming movie, The Dark Knight Rises, has been leaked on to the internet. The movie, which although isn’t due for release until July 20th of next year, already has a trailer lasting 1 minute and 33 seconds long. If you do not wish to know what the trailer features, do not read the rest of this post. The teaser begins, with the Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures logos, before footage of Batman in Batman Begins is displayed, with a voice-over from the main villain in Begins, Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson), mentioning ‘what Bruce must become’. The trailer continues, showing a caption, “Every Hero Has A Journey”, and then, “Every Journey Has An End”.

The trailer then sees Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman), who appears to be laying in a hospital bed, seeming a bit run down, with him talking to Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), stating they are, “in this together”. Gordon then begs for Batman to return, before the trailer moves forward to a scene of Bane (Tom Hardy), before the camera scales a large building, moving up to the sky, showing the image we all know, the Bat logo (see image, top right).

The trailer has been taken down all across the internet, but may still be up in a few places, if you do decide to watch the recorded version. However, if you enjoy highly anticipated movies in all their full, high-quality beauty, like me, you can wait until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 hits the cinema screens on Friday, and just wait until then. Or, alternatively, you could just watch it now, and then watch it in all its beautiful high-quality glory at the cinemas too.

Since this post we have got rid of the teaser trailer in low quality, since it’s release of the official Dark Knight Rises Trailer. Click on the link below to check out our new post that shows the official trailer:

The Official Dark Knight Rises Trailer

By Manpreet Singh

The Dark Knight Rises Update: Josh Stewart Joins Cast

The latest ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ news is that actor, Josh Stewart (‘The Collector’) has been added to the cast of the up-coming Christopher Nolan Bat-flick. However, his role is currently down as unspecified. Reports also indicate that Stewart will be the last person to join the cast for this movie, meaning that a bigger picture of the movie and its storyline as a whole may be easier to build and speculate on. It’s nice to know that the cast is finally complete, and whether Stewart’s role will be of any importance or not, this movie will be amazing, and I cannot wait for it.

Although the main roles in the movie seem to be taken, it doesn’t seem like there would be any space for Stewart to have a largely significant role anyway; however, Nolan is known to always have a few tricks up his sleeve…well, I say tricks, but I really mean amazing surprises…

The Dark Knight Rises, will amongst others, star Christian Bale (Batman/Bruce Wayne), Anne Hathaway (Selina Kyle/Catwoman), Tom Hardy (Bane), Gary Oldman (Jim Gordon), and Michael Caine (Alfred Pennyworth). The movie is expected to his the big screens on 20th July of 2012.

By Manpreet Singh

At Number 9… The Book of Eli

The Book of Eli

Image via Wikipedia

In 2010, Denzel Washington returned in this post-apocalyptic set movie, about a precious item which he guards with his life, a book. Eli (Denzel Washington), travels across a desolate, empty America, ruined by war. Travelling with only himself and his backpack, he carries but one treasured possession with him, his book. Oh yeah, and his iPod.

Eli is a man who is determined to accomplish his goal, no matter what harm it may cause him. He is a man with morals, and ethics, a lone wolf. He travels the dry landscapes, before reaching a small town, where he encounters a man named Carnegie (Gary Oldman), who appears to be living as some sort of king amongst everyone else who, although seems somewhat friendly at first, to sum up, is a cold, heartless bastard, who has been searching for the book which Eli possesses; and as the movie progresses, you soon realise that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. The movie continues with the journey Eli has been making, and is determined to continue, until he reaches his destination, and the measures Carnegie takes to possess this book, and the believed power it contains within it, along with explanations of other aspects of the movie as it progresses.

Denzel once again displays a stellar performance right from the start, creating a very well acted and convincing character; and once again, kicks some ass, giving you the satisfying goosebumps you’d expect from a Denzel Washington movie. Oldman, as usual, shows his tremendous acting abilities, once again, creating a character different to any character he’s played in any other movie. Two fantastic actors in one film, a great positive aspect of the film.

Although it is a good movie, some may agree that it is quite a slowly progressing one; and although I agree with this to some extent, I still found it enjoyable all the way through. I didn’t think it had the best ending, but I think it was a suitable and sufficiently satisfying one, and I don’t think it would have been possible to successfully end it any other way. One thing I particularly enjoyed throughout the whole of the movie, was the way the settings and locations had been portrayed, in such a grey, and somewhat dream-like manner, giving an isolated and somewhat dark, dreary and despondent feel to the film; and I feel this is majorly thanks to comic book artist, Chris Weston, who has done a great job of designing the settings and locations of the movie, giving a weird feel to the whole film, which greatly adds to its style and general feel. I felt at parts that it somewhat had a Kill Bill-esque vibe about the film, which I liked, and thought suited the movie.

Overall, I thought The Book of Eli was an interesting and enjoyable film, and unlike many other films, is one which makes you think over certain aspects and beliefs in life. Great feel to the film, and great performances. It is definitely worth a watch, and is one of the more memorable movies of 2o10.


Be sure to keep an eye out for number 8 in the list, which will be revealed tomorrow.

By Manpreet Singh

Michael Caine speaks..The Dark Knight Rises Shoots In May, 2011.

Nobel Peace prize Concert 2008, Oslo Spektrum,...

Image via Wikipedia

The latest update from Sir Michael Caine, is that the eagerly anticipated ‘Dark Knight Rises’, will begin shooting in May, next year. A quote from Sir Caine himself, includes more details:

Emma [Thomas], the producer, said we’d get the script in January. Christopher said: ‘Script in January, shoot in May, finish in November’.”

This is exciting enough news for any Batman fan and fans of ‘The Dark knight’, which was released in 2008. Although it isn’t known where any of the filming will take place, another rumour has emerged, that New Orleans could be a location, and images of Chicago for representations of ‘Gotham City’, which were were used for the The Dark Knight. However, Wally Pfister, cinematographer, had abolished the rumours of the use of New Orleans. He also mentioned that the films would most likely only be shot partially in IMAX. A bit of a shame if you ask me.

In terms of the cast, we know that Christian Bale and Michael Caine will be returning as the Dark Knight and Alfred, and it is expected that Gary Oldman will be resuming his role as Commissioner Gordon..hopefully. Tom Hardy, has also been cast in a role too, which many are eagerly awaiting to see the outcome of. There has also apparently been a cast of female roles for the main villain, and also love interest, although this hasn’t been fully confirmed yet. As of yet, all we can really do is keep waiting for further information, once the scripts are due.

For further information on rumours and speculations on the upcoming Batman flick, be sure to give blogger Daniel Hart’s rumour update a read:

By Manpreet Singh