Final Destination 5 – Preview & Trailer

Final Destination

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Surprise, surprise, a follow-up to The Final Destination is due to be released soon, even though the name, The Final Destination, suggests that it would be the last one. But they had to go ahead and make us wish that death was after us… Final Destination 5, sees another group of should-be-dead people, this time, surviving the collapsing of a huge suspension bridge. They manage to survive the horror, but unfortunately for them, Death is determined to stick to the plan that was originally meant to be, one by one, killing each of the survivors off. Check the trailer out below:

So, what do you think? Are you excited, or are you already wishing you were dead? Although they seemed to have upped their game somewhat in this installment, what with the improvement in special effects and the extent of the gruesome deaths used, I personally think they should have ended the franchise on the second movie; although ideally, leaving it at Final Destination 1 would have been a much better idea. I think this is one movie I will skip at the big screens, and just wait until it’s on Sky Movies, just so I can see the unfortunate, yet amusing, death scenes.

Final Destination 5 is set to hit cinema screens on 26th August.

By Manpreet Singh

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