From X-factor To The Half Stairs-Gate Who Will Go Tonight?

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Normally watching the show I come away with a feeling or a thought but tonight, I honestly don’t know what I feel. I do think The Beatles theme was a good week to do and they were some good performances out of it but I kind of switched off after the criticism about the focus of tonight’s show, The Ladder.

Yes Cher Lloyd singing on half a stairs did not please Simon Cowell, now Simon is my favourite Judge on the show but I don’t understand how saying that justifies anything at all, ‘You couldn’t do much with the stairs’. Who says you have to do anything whilst singing on stairs, why not judge the performance which I thought was really good. I could see why Cheryl Cole was angry by this. And then Simon further criticised her for showing her vocals but not her rapping ‘because children look up to you’, what is this show all about? Seriously..

But the judges being immature is a running theme tonight, the one that surprised me the most is after Wagner performed, and it showed how hypocritical Cheryl is. She had ago at Wagner not for his performance but for something he apparently said to a journalist, he reportedly said ‘Cheryl is from a council estate so she is lucky to be where she is now’. And Cheryl brought this up live on TV, why not ask him in private, and for someone who complains about people making up stories about her she should learn to not believe everything in the press which Wagner quickly pointed out. Good man.

I know a lot of fans won’t agree but the two favourites Rebecca Ferguson and Matt Cardle had a off night from the usual outstanding performances, I didn’t enjoy Matts performance, it was a kind of a ‘yes I’m singing in a vest, and look I can move round the stage whilst singing’. Rebecca showed her usual class but it was missing that magic, and I think she might be in trouble tonight for the results, I don’t know why I just get that weird feeling that her performance maybe be forgettable. Third favourites One Direction also didn’t have a good night, there performance was very week.

And surprisingly Katie Waissel sang the performance of the night, and she was last to sing which is a plus for her. She did a performance that showed vulnerability but passion which suited her well and for the first time since she’s being on the show she proved her vocals can be outstanding, but wouldn’t it be ironic if the week she did her best performance she finally got eliminated? I want her to stay to be honest, she’s interesting.

And now for my predictions, I will give a bottom 2:

Bottom 2: Wagner and Paije

If there is a double elimination I think Katie would be on my prediction but I can’t see the public not voting for that kind of performance. I think a favourite like Rebecca or Cher might be in trouble tonight though and I don’t know why however with Cher’s fan base I can’t see her having low votes.

By Daniel Hart

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